In plan A anytime. All other plans run for one year (plans B, C, and D) or longer (plan E).
Yes, you are in the driving seat. In the settings you can specify where and in what currency the distributions must be made.
Plan A can be resolved at any time, and automatically expires after one year. Plans B, C and D run for exactly 1 year and cannot be terminated early (as monthly or even daily payments are made). Plan E runs for three years and cannot be terminated before the three years are up.
Theoretically no, unless you want to invest several million dollars. In such a case, we would meet up and create an investment and operational plan first. For amounts below this amount, please have a look at the Giga-Miner in the Shop where it is possible to invest one hundred thousand (USD, GBP, EUR or CHF).
A continuation is possible at any time, and plan E provides exactly that. Benefits are not granted, we treat each customer identically. But since you already have a capacity share and the mining activities are activated, a seamless transition can take place. So, there is a "natural" advantage if you are already a customer.
If you are in Plan B-E, you cannot. This is due to the technical set-up. Under Plan A a cancellation is possible at any time and within one week the mining rights including the mining profit will be paid out to you.
Yes, for all plans except A. The holding period for plans B, C and D is exactly 1 year (365 days). This is since hardware is purchased, which is amortized over a year. The holding period for Plan E is three years.
At any time, the only thing you must do is select and pay for the product in the shop according to your participation appetite and your return expectations. Your mining rights will be harvested in our crypto mine within a week.
You can increase and accumulate your capacity share within the chosen plan. Every time you buy new mining rights, they run for a year. In your account the capacities are stated individually, furthermore your total capacity share is shown as a sum.
No, that does not work (for technical reasons). Each plan has its rules and certain payoff amounts and frequencies. If you want to have more than one plan, please contact us and we will create a second user with your name. Then you can hold plans in two (or more) accounts (one plan type per account). The same is true if you want to buy the mining rights in different currencies.
In plan A anytime. All other plans run for one year (plans B, C, and D) or longer (plan E).
Only under Plan E where the mining profits are reinvested automatically after each month. If you are in any other plan, you can reinvest as per your wish through the shop and purchase additional mining rights.
At any time under plan A, the other plans are non-cancelable for one year and expire automatically (except plan E, which reinvests and expires after 3 years).
Each Plan specifies how profits are paid out. In Plan A, profits are only paid out at the end. In Plans B, C and D, regular payouts of profit are part of the plans. Please consult the Plans in the Shop for the payout details or in the Simulator.
As you wish, you can indicate in your profile in what currency you want the repayments. For the purchase of mining rights, we accept Fiat and crypto currencies.
Immediately, starting from the first day, when we put your capacity share at work, you will see profits. Depending on the plan, these are paid out from daily (Plan D) to monthly (Plans B and C) or over an annual (Plan A) or 3-year (Plan E) plan
Your capacity share will be visible on your mining account within 24 hours and mining will start within a week.
That is indeed a problem. To keep the transaction costs low, we recommend plan A or E.
This is systemic and we have set the payments on the last day of each month. This applies to mining profits as well as to the repayment of the mining rights.
In your account, you can see your investment grow in real-time. Thus, you gain a comprehensive overview on mining rights, returns and payouts (if you have a Plan that has payouts). We do not publish individual production figures. It would mean a lot of work for us to enable you to watch the computers in the mine work for you, with very little real value for you. However, in the future, we are planning to publish aggregated figures showing the whole of our mining activities.
In your account, you can find an orange button which generates your personal recommendation link associated to your account. For business which is generated as a direct result of your link, you get a provision of 5% of the generated business in form of additional mining rights. In the recommendation window, you can either add the email address of your friends directly or you can copy the link in order to post it on social media to let all your friends know.
Mining is a trend and a business, which is no longer niche. Blockchain is gaining foothold in all industries (not just Crypto Currencies) and is here to stay. This technology and with it its manifold areas of applications are growing rapidly. Therefore, scalability is not really an issue: the market is growing daily.
Yes, we do have a referral program where you can either enter the email address of your friend directly or you can post your personalized link on the social medias you use. If friends buy a product via one of these connections, their account is attached to your account as long as it is active, and you get 5% of the mining profits generated by the mining capacities bought. Thus, your mining provision generates returns from the very first day onwards for you in your account.
You don’t pay any fees (as with other mining companies). We pay out the respective mining return based on your mining capacity, as shown in our Shop. Any surplus is ours and we use it to cover costs, pay salaries and to build reserves.
Because the basis of the model of mining is an operative activity, and not a financial investment in the classical sense. The money is used to buy machine capacity. Those machines produce Crypto-Currency and render services in the blockchain. It is comparable to producing a product that can be sold for twice the manufacturing costs with a guaranteed sale as we sell our produce on the exchange. Furthermore, we only produce Crypto-Currencies, which are rated acceptable regarding return, market capitalization and trading volume by our own proprietary filter- and validation system.
We generate more than we pay out. After deducting our costs, we use the difference to build reserves that ensure that we can always pay returns.
As long as blockchain technology is used the demand for mining companies that are able to write information on blockchain will be there. This is not only in the area of Crypto-Currencies but in general for all transactions that are blockchain based (watch the videos under the header Blockchain on our website for more information). Blockchain will reach practically all areas of our daily life and is currently or has already changed the face of whole industries. We believe that the risk of total loss is very small indeed, far smaller than holding investments in traditional investments such as shares and bonds. This is, after all, not a speculation in Crypto-Currency but a partizipation into a production line. And the outcome of this mining operation is exchanged daily into Fiat Currencies.
Mining is a very stable business. Firstly, one is paid directly to produce Crypto-Currency with Crypto-Currency. Secondly, there is money to be made through rendering services that keep the network going, so that all world-wide transactions can take place speedily, reliably and securely. The generated Crypto-Currency is exchanged daily into the Fiat Currency of your choice (unless you have chosen Bitcoin as method of payment) and transferred to your account as mining return.
All the details are available in your personal account: What your mining rights are, the mining profits, the daily growth and months end numbers. Furthermore, all Miners and Plans are available in the Simulator where any combination can be modelled.
Indeed, Plan E allows for impressive profits. Instead of monthly payouts, the returns are reinvested into additional machine capacity. Thus, your mining rights increase and with them your returns. The Plan ends after 3 years when the payouts are executed. There are no limits.
We hold neither Euros, nor Dollars nor any other currency for you. With your money you are investing in machine capacity which is used to either produce Cryptocurrency or services in the Blockchain area. We exchange the Cryptocurrency into the currency which your account is based on. Therefore, your mining capacity is not threatened by currency fluctuations, neither within Fiat currencies nor between Fiat and Crypto.
The return, which is generated here, comes from the production and services in the area of Cryptocurrency. Specifically, it is a reimbursement for services produced by our Crypto-Mine. Therefore, it is not comparable to having a bank account as it is an operational activity.
Yes, as long as you choose Bitcoin as your payment method.
Not at all. With us, your yields are stable.
At this stage not. Maybe in the future, we might publish such information.
This will be decided for you. We mine in the Crypto-currencies that are the most stable and give the biggest yield. We switch between currencies to more advantageous currencies if need be. You don’t need to do a thing.
Yes, the payouts are independent from the fluctuations of market prices.
This depends on your preferences. If your aim is to speculate long-term with Bitcoins, then choosing a payout in Bitcoins is recommendable. If you’d rather be on the safe side, then choosing a payout in Fiat is probably what you will feel more comfortable with.
Scarcely. With decreased Bitcoin prices, we can mine more Bitcoins. Once the currency rate recovers, we profit doubly, as the coins have gained in value and because we have more of them.
Crypto-currencies are prone to market fluctuations, as are other currencies and securities. With us, however, you are not holding any assets in Crypto-currencies. You are buying a certain capacity of mining rights in order to produce Cryto coins. The generated coins are exchanged daily into Fiat currencies. Thus, we ensure that we can actually earn the stable profits we advertise and these, specifically, are NOT liable to market fluctuations.
No, you do not need to pay your mining rights in Bitcoin. We accept 4 different Fiat currencies.
No, as your mining rights are in Fiat currency. Even if you have stipulated that your means of payment should be Bitcoin, we do not hold our assets in Bitcoin but exchange the profits into Bitcoin the day of the payout at the exchange rate on that day.
Not directly. Our model does measure parameters such as how “strong” or “healthy” a Crypto-currency is. And we do only mine the fittest among the best! Therefore, you benefit indirectly through your mining rights by us ensuring that we can actually generate the profits we advertise.
We come from a trading and trading system development background. Thus, we developed our own evaluation system to decide which Crypto-currencies are the most profitable to mine. Furthermore, we have developed a trading system with Stop Loss parameters and other elements in order to mine those coins which are currently most stable, performing best and have the best market capitalization.
By building reserves to even out market risks and volatility.
Not directly. The mining algorithm is programmed such that due to lower market price the complexity of a task decreases, so the amount of Crypto coins received naturally increases (as you can process more tasks). Thus, you have either the case of more coins at a lower price or less coins at a higher price. Proportionally to the Fiat currency, it stays the same.
Crypto-currencies are digital currencies. They can be exchanged and traded like any other “classic” Fiat currencies. The difference is that Crypto-currencies remains outside the control of financial institutions and governments. There is a big variety of Crypto-currencies with unique characteristics and purposes.
No. We pay out returns as advertised according to your mining rights. Any surplus is used to cover our costs and to build up reserves against fluctuations.
Our business account is with a venerable Norwegian bank. But as we reinvest our money regularly in the update of our production facilities, the question about our banking partner is rather irrelevant. We do not hold any assets in our accounts. The money received from our clients gets invested directly into our miners so that they can produce the yields our customers expect. We are as great as our production plant, not our assets.
No, not in Switzerland nor any other country.
No, we are a purely operative, meaning industrial, company.
We do not hold any wallets for clients.
Any currencies can be abused for illegal activities. Fiat currencies are just as vulnerable as Crypto-currencies in that respect. However, Bitcoins by definition leave a data trail (as they are, after all, not physically available). Therefore, it should theoretically be easier to trace Crypto money than Fiat currency.
Of course. Stonewell is a company (think industrial, not financial) that yields high profits through its production facilities.
Stonewell stores its data in Switzerland. As a customer, you benefit from the most advanced data protection law and the neutrality of Switzerland. You enjoy a high degree of location and supply security in an economically and politically stable country. We conform to the DSGVO.
No, there is no deposit protection like some saving accounts from state-owned or parastatal banks offer. With us, you are buying a means of production to turn out Crypto-currencies which are then sold at the market.
This is best answered by your tax advisor.
You can see your investment grow in real-time. That figure reflects your mining rights and returns. You choose the currency which your account is in and your assets will be shown in that currency. All balances, deposits, withdrawals and rewards are logged in your personal history in your account. We do not hold any coins for you.
This not an issue as you not investing into Crypto-currencies with us. You are buying mining rights and can pay for those in either Crypto or Fiat currency.
No, we know no such limitations. We are not a financial services company and no wealth managers. We also do not trade securities or Crypto-currencies in the name of our clients. We also do not hold any assets. Our focus is a purely operational one: we generate profits through our know-how and by putting our Hard- and Software to the best of use. Therefore, there are no restrictions for countries, as we are NOT part of the financial sector.
With us, you generate returns from operational activities. Image you had a machine that produces a product and you are able to profitably market the product. What you get is an operating profit. This is what you get with us too. Kindly ask your tax advisor how to declare this correctly in your tax return. As we are active world-wide, it is impossible for us to be knowledgeable about tax laws in all countries. Also, we are no lawyers, and thus it would be bad practice to give advice on this.
Not at all. It is an investment, like holding shares or bonds. With those you are not protected either, but need to have faith in the company you are investing in to do a good job in order to yield a stock price gain or be able to pay out an interest to you. Just like you would get a dividend or interest from another company, with us you get the mining profits from the mining rights you purchase.
Definitely the flexibility and versatility we have. We never mine unprofitable coins. We have three methods of production (PoW, PoS, MN) and weigh them according to the overall market situation in general and the coins we produce in particular. And within those methods, we have an evaluation system that breaks down and separates the profitable ones from the ones we don’t want to mine. And if a previously “good” coin turns “bad” on us, we simply pull the trigger and eliminate it from the production portfolio. The analogy is a stop loss order in trading. So, we run the mining operation really like a trading operation. We think this is quite unique (and profitable).
There are many reasons for this. For example, you need to know the mining business, as you need to determine hash rates, algorithms and the kind of coins that should be mined yourself. Furthermore, you need to commit yourself to three years minimum, often five years. And lastly, you won’t be able to generate the returns we do, neither in size nor stability.
That is a valid discussion point as the proof of work method is, indeed, rather resource-intense. However, nearly all new coins that are arriving on the market are mined via the proof of stake method, precisely for this reason. Proof of stake has no resource attrition, thus is environmentally friendly, sustainable and forward looking.
Indeed, they are. All coins generated via the proof of stake method are green. These are produced without any consumption of resources and form a central part of our production portfolio. A good example for a greencoins we mine is the Bitcoin Green.
The emission rate in our proof of work facilities is 26 kilograms CO2 per megawatt hour (figures given by our energy supplier). However, the portion of proof of work in our production portfolio is small, in comparison to proof of stake and masternodes. The latter two make up the majority of our mining methods. They do not have a CO2 footprint.
No, but since we obtain 99% of our energy from either wind or water power, you can rest easy on aspects of sustainability.
For the very most part from sustainable sources of energy (hydro and wind power).
Only where the proof of work mining is concerned. Proof of stake and masternoods use next to no energy. Furthermore, there is a constant development towards new, more efficient and more sustainable technologies for PoW mining. We have a mix of above-mentioned methods und operate very economically and energy efficiently.
With proof of work (PoW), proof of stake (PoS) and the setting up of Masternodes (MN).
We produce a variety of different Crypo-currencies. We are diversified across geographic exposures, areas of application as well as production methods.
We do daily research on existing as well as new to the market crypto currencies to develop the best methods for mining. Be that in the traditional proof of work (PoW) method or with new proof of stake (PoS) methods. We also set up privileged nodes called Masternodes (MN) to generate income with transaction confirmations.
We do not establish wallets for our clients, neither within our own company nor anywhere else. We can offer support by pointing you in the direction of providers of wallets. You then can (and must) determine yourself how you want to be reimbursed for your mining rights and profits. A wallet merely serves the purpose of have a place to deposit Bitcoins quickly, efficiently and at near to no costs at pay-out time.
We believe a big one. There are two camps that are diametrically opposed. One side proclaims the total dominance of Crypto in the future and believes that the Fiat currencies will be stamped out long-term. The other thinks it is just a faze which cannot last. We believe that the answer lies somewhere in between. One has to differentiate between Crypto-currencies and the Blockchain technology as Crypto-currencies are just one possible use of Blockchain technology. What Crypto-currencies, if any, will survive and what Fiat currencies they will eradicate in the process if any is unclear. However, what is clear is that the Blockchain technology is here to stay. And as long as we at Stonewell remain flexible and mine what is in demand right now, we see no threat to our business model.
In the meantime, quite a few of them. There are new banks that originated because of the Crypto-currency movement, but also traditional banks have recognised the potential of Crypto and now offer their clients Crypto-currency accounts alongside Fiat currency accounts.
We see no end. I believe we are only at the start of a big development. Up to now, this clever technology is only used by and adapted to approximately 0.4% of the market. The potential, however, is massive, as blockchain can and will make nearly all areas of life more efficient and more secure.
Exactly, coins are being produced. Thus, it cannot be a zero-sum game. It is a bit like a race to catch the next block and with it, the coins that it contains. Thus, it is a constant growth.
With us, you are not directly investing into a machine, but are buying capacity shares in the pool (a share of all machines and production methods). Therefore, all machines are and remain in our possession. You, however, get the yields generated, as stipulated by the mining plan you chose. It is true: we do depreciate your machines completely within one year. What can then still be salvaged goes back into the pool, stays in our possession and adds to the stability and value of our company. Only by doing this, we can actually generate the stable returns we do. After all, we absorb all market fluctuations with any surplus gained and, yes, also with possible profits generated through already depreciated machines.
It is the production of Crypto-currencies. On our website, under the heading “Blockchain”, we offer two videos and three links to articles which explain the topic in an easy manner and help you understand the process.
Crypto-currencies are changed into Fiat on an exchange (similar to the stock exchange).
They are getting more liquid by the day. The acceptance increases daily and thus its reach and the number of wallets held worldwide grow accordingly.
Yes, it is somewhat comparable. Just be aware that you are not investing into Crypto-currencies, but are buying production capacity to make Crypto-currencies.
A flexible approach like we have has a great future. Blockchain is a mega trend and is changing the world. As long as blockchain exists, information must be written into the digital ledger (picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet). Updating the spreadsheet, so to speak, is what is called mining. We offer an essential service that the system needs to function and get paid for that.
You buy mining rights, which in turn generate mining profits. Thus, you increase your money.
Of course. Delivering a personal client service is what we believe in. We come from a Private Banking background: putting the client first is in our genes
To keep our products simple and straightforward, we do not demand fees for accounts nor mining rights. The mining returns we publish are net.
With us, you cannot participate directly in a shared masternode. This product is being developed at the moment and will be offered as a stand-alone service in the future. Currently, you have access to masternodes via our product portfolio, where masternode mining forms the largest part of our business.
According to our business and production strategy: we mine a mix of proof of work, proof of stake and masternodes.
Absolutely! We do not pay out interest. With the mining rights you buy, Crypto-currencies are produced. Thus, you are participating in an operative activity.
Quite the opposite: we have taken great care to put together mining products that are easy to understand. You need only to determine the height of the mining capacity which you want to invest in, and immediately know how much return you can expect. Or do it the other way around: you determine the yield and choose the product that gives you that return. By using our simulator, you can easily calculate investment or yield, and it even gives you a graphic overview of that specific product.
In this case, the best solution is to set up a Bitcoin wallet. A transfer from wallet to wallet costs next to nothing and thus even mining plans with a daily or monthly pay-out pattern become attractive.
Then there is always the option of a bitcoin transfer from wallet to wallet.
Yes, we do (it is one of our unique selling propositions as not all mining operators offer this).